Thriving in the “Third Act of Life”

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7 Secrets That Will Ensure You Live a Thriving, Vibrant, and Fulfilling “Third Act of Life”

As we age, is it inevitable that our bodies and minds will deteriorate rapidly as we live out our “Third Act of Life”? The answer is a resounding, NO! Below is a summary of seven secrets learned from my 10-year obsession with the subject of thriving in the “3rd act of life”.

#1: Exercise: Daily exercise of at least 30 min- 1 hour is mandatory 6 days a week including cardio, flexibility and strength training.

#2: Eat Healthy: Eat mostly whole foods ( vegetables/ fruits) and lean protein

#3: Never Retire: You may switch pace and no longer work at your 9-5 job but spend your days contributing to society, e.g. teaching kids, volunteering at your favorite charity, etc.

#4: Build a Team: If married, invest time in your partner. If without a life partner, find one or invest in your friendships, get to know younger people to mentor, engage in your community, church, temple. Hire a care giver.

#5: Manage Your Finances: Become debt free, save, invest and live below your means. My rule of thumb is to live on < 50% of your income. Buy long term care insurance.

#6: Manage Your States/Beliefs. The best is yet to come. Learn to handle stress in a way that serves you. Live each day as if it is your last. Maintain your joy always.

#7: Commit to Growth and Development: Learn something new every day. If you are not growing, you are dying!

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