Retirement – Top 5 Things To Know

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What do you think of when you hear the word retirement?

Financial freedom, not working, relaxing, traveling the world?  Retirement age has long been defined as those age 65 and older.   As the baby boomer generation head into their senior years, they are leading a demographic shift in the retirement age and painting a brand new picture of what retirement looks like.

According to Ken Budd, executive director of AARP The Magazine the top five things you should know are as follows:

1. Stick to a budget - Spend less, save more, and diversify your investments

2. Start a business – Guess who’s leading the charge in entrepreneurship, nope not Mark Zuckerberg!

3. Stay mentally sharp – Continue learning.  Learning is what builds new brain cells.

4. Lead a fulfilling lifestyle – Stay active. Those that maintain a busy, active lifestyle are much happier.

5. Best places to live  - ??????

Check out the above video to see what else he has to say about retirement and what cities are listed in the top 5 places to live!

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